For Effective Management Of Glaucoma, The Doctor May Recommend Usage Of Eye Drops That Contain Beta Blockers.

Closed angle glaucoma, also known as acute glaucoma, is an eye disease which needs an emergency treatment. You should take laxatives that help ease your constipated bowel movements. You can benefit from this... Exposure to bright sun, dust, etc., are the common and minor causes of itchiness and redness in the eyes. Though trauma to the eye is one of the common reasons behind the rupturing of blood vessels in the eye, sometimes increased episcleral pressure in the veins could cause the blood vessels to burst. Splashing water on the face or gently massaging around the eyes with fingers also helps in eye care. When this very important optic nerve and retina get damaged due to intra ocular pressure, the resulting condition is called glaucoma. For effective management of glaucoma, the doctor may recommend usage of eye drops that contain beta blockers.


There are some people who do not have peripheral vision at all. This results in bleeding inside the retina and the vision becomes blurred all of a sudden. The other two types of this disease are - congenital and secondary.